rolling and eating

Lucy was 7 months old last week! She got some good rolls in on her 7 month birthday!
I love Landon's voice. He is fascinated with these socks because he only wears flip flops lately.


We also tried some cereal this week. It seems to be taking much longer than her big brother to get the hang of it, but we will keep at it. He quickly went from a taste to a serving for a weeek then veggies. But like everything with her, it seems she's just a little slower catching on.

She is grabbing EverYthIng near her!

I made it a little bit thicker the next day, and she did a little bit better.
And just a picture to make you laugh................................
Her eye had some issues this week, but after about 5 days of medicine in it, there seems to be no more drainage & swelling is gone.  Luke took this picture and said, "her face looks so gross". =)

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